Lesson Planning of Universal Design & Adaptations for Visually Challenged


Authors: Dr Premananda Mishra, K Srinivas Reddy ,Dr Jasmir Singh


ISBN: 978-93-89740-96-7.


This book “Lesson Planning of Universal Design and Adaptations for Visually Challenged” gives complete information about the lesson planning needs to adapt according to the instructional procedures in commensuration with a classroom presentation. Recognition of systems that identify patterns and objects associated with strategic systems that tell us how to do the things and the affective systems. The basis of forming various objectives, planning for the materialization of goals and assessment of outcomes, form the content of this book. The teacher trainees/ novices and the teacher educators can benefit at large from the materials incorporated in the book. Lessons of universal design or specialized IEP are given as models for reference of the concerned.


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